Elon Musk refused to buy "Twitter"

Interesting - Jul 9, 2022
Elon Musk refused to buy

American businessman Elon Musk has decided to cancel the $44 billion contract with Twitter.

On July 8, the businessman's lawyer, Mike Ringler, sent a corresponding letter to the management of the social network.

According to the lawyer's statement, the termination of the contract is due to Twitter's refusal to provide reliable information for an objective assessment of the platform's prospects from a business point of view. According to Ringler, the information obtained was either incomplete or questionable.

Moreover, Musk's team pointed to the possible statistical machinations of Twitter to present its product more favorably. So, officially, it is assumed that the proportion of spam accounts in the social network does not exceed 5%, but it is impossible to confirm this.

Meanwhile, Twitter's Board of Directors has not approved Musk's exit from the deal, as the company's stock has fallen significantly during the negotiations.