Space tours are becoming a reality for ordinary people

Interesting - Jul 18, 2022
Space tours are becoming a reality for ordinary people

Zhongke Yuhang, a Chinese design company, is developing reusable rockets and spacecraft that will regularly send tourists into orbit.

Yan Ichyan, the founder of "CAS Space", reported on this:

"Due to the dynamic development of space technology, space tours are no longer a fantasy but a reality for ordinary people. If everything goes as planned, after 15 test launches, we will develop a rocket and a spacecraft that can send seven tourists to an altitude of more than 100 km at a time."

According to the head of the company, China will soon be able to send ordinary people above the Karman line, which is considered the boundary between the Earth's atmosphere and space.

"The stay of tourists in space will take only a few minutes, which will be enough for the passengers of the spacecraft to enjoy the magnificent view of the stars and our planet, to experience the feeling of weightlessness," he added.

It is planned to set aside a special zone for the landing of tourists in the northwest of China, in a sparsely populated area. The cost of the tour will be about $300,000 per person, including special training costs.