The 27-year-old girl almost died laughing

Interesting - Jul 8, 2022
The 27-year-old girl almost died laughing

A 27-year-old British girl was diagnosed with a rare disease.

A woman named Natasha Coates has an allergic reaction when she feels strong emotions.

This includes laughter, excitement, crying.

A patient who suffered from the syndrome of hyperactivity of the dark spots once recalled the moment when he was about to die of laughter:

"I have been allergic to strong emotions since childhood. Chemical reaction starts in my body during laughter, crying, stress.
I almost died laughing once. I laughed and laughed, within 5 minutes Quincke's edema started in my body, my tongue and throat were swollen. I almost died. They gave me an injection and called an ambulance.
There is no cure for this syndrome."